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Disclaimer: Test questions are based on the body of knowledge and are not questions from the actual exam.  It is important to note that passing or failing the practice exams does not guarantee a similar outcome on the actual certification exam.

Starting the FREE Sample Test

This following sample test works exactly like the pratice tests that you can take when you join the site. The main difference is that there are only 10 questions available on the sample test. With full site access, practice tests are randomly generated from a test bank of over 500 questions based on the HR body of knowledge

Choose the test type:  
For the sample test, choosing either test type has the same result. On the actual pratice test, you can choose between taking a test setup like the PHR or a test setup like the SPHR.

How many questions would like on the test?
The sample test only contains 10 questions.  On the actual practice test, you will be able to select how many questions you would like on your test (anywhere from 25 to 100 questions).