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Disclaimer: Test questions are based on the body of knowledge and are not questions from the actual exam.  It is important to note that passing or failing the practice exams does not guarantee a similar outcome on the actual certification exam.

Online PHR/SPHR Practice Tests

Our practice test are now on sale for $25.99 (limited time offer). With this one time cost, you will gain unlimited access to our online practice tests.  The practice tests are randomly generated from a test bank of 500+ questions.  The practice tests are custom tailored to your test type, either the PHR or SPHR certification.  Detailed answer explanations are provided and your test scores are accessible at any time so that you can track your progress. 

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Try it before you buy it.  Find out all of the great features of our online practice tests by taking a sample test.  To take the sample test, click the link below.  The sample tests works just like our real tests except it only displays 10 questions.  Once you complete the sample test, you will get a detailed report on how well you did for each of the main sections of the actual exam.  If you like the sample test, be sure to sign up for unlimited access to our practice tests.

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Featured Book

We recommend the book "PHR/SPHR Practice Test (2012 Edition)". This book provides a comprehensive, 225-question practice test.

The questions are based on the HRCI exam's body of knowledge: Strategic Management, Workforce Planning, Human Resources Development, Total Rewards, Employee and Labor Relations, Risk Management. The book includes detailed answer explanations for each of the 225 questions.

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Here are some of the many benefits of our site:
  • - The practice tests are designed to look-and-feel like the actual certification exam
  • - Test results are summarized by category to help you identify your areas for improvement
  • - Each question and answer has an explanation to help you reinforce the information
  • - All of your practice test are saved so you can go back and track your progress
  • - Take as many practice exams as you like
  • - Select how many questions you want on each practice test (25, 50, 75, 100)
  • - Mark questions and come back to them later
  • - Review your questions, answers, and marked questions before the test is scored
  • - Get the results to your practice test immediately