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Disclaimer: Test questions are based on the body of knowledge and are not questions from the actual exam.  It is important to note that passing or failing the practice exams does not guarantee a similar outcome on the actual certification exam.

About the HR Certification Practice Exam Web Site

The PHR/SPHR practice test web site was created by an SPHR professional with extensive experience in Human Resources.  The questions presented in this interactive testing environment are meant to test your level of knowledge in each of the six areas covered on the exam. 

Each question is based on the body of knowledge and objectives that are detailed on the HRCI certification web site.  These questions were designed to test your knowledge of each of these areas and are written in a manner that is consistant with the question methodology of the actual exam. 

Once you begin a test, you will be able to mark questions to come back to them later, select the number of questions you would like on the pratice test, and view previous test results at any time to check your progress.

The practice tests include a bank of over 500 questions.  Randomly generated practice exams will test your knowledge of the PHR/SPHR material.  Once you have completed a pratice test, you will be given your scores and an explanation of the answer will also be provided.

You can view all of the practice tests you have completed at any time to track your progress.